We have a home where we can spread out roots and let the seasons whisper their secrets to us. We have a place perched near the top of a hill with valley views and a large fig tree. When the wind is up, the figs sound like gunshots as they hit the shed roof.


There are paddocks for animals and our menagarie is growing: some borrowed, some new. Our darling dog, Patrick Swayze is back with us after a stint with Grandma. And we are so happy! He fills such a big space in my heart and now at 11 years old, he is content, gentle, wise and such great company. I am never lonely when he is around.

FullSizeRenderNow life is overflowing with juicy goodness. Through a series of events aka universe magic, a friend flicked me an ad of a horse being given away. I called on a whim and spoke to a delightful lady who wanted him to go to a good home etc and be loved. I went and met this horse who came straight over and proceeded to show me his favourite massage spots. I hardly asked any questions, I was smitten. And the owner was content that he had chosen his new owner!


Spirit now lives with us and has completed my dream of getting up every morning to horse. He has a back injury hence didn’t make it as a dressage prospect. And the sad part is that his back injury is human related. Horses have elongated spines that can be easily damaged through overwork and insensitive riding. I hope to rehabilitate him and give him a wonderful life here. Already he is teaching me about being quiet and listening, not always pushing my own agenda.


There is a playfulness about animals. An ability to touch the present through them. They just ask us to show up and be ourselves. Not the fancy, academic, ambitious, sleek, successful version. I love how they see who I am, and respond to that by jumping in. It is the closest I get to God or Spirit or endless wonder (insert whatever word floats you).


Malibu, one of 3 friend’s horses enjoying a vacation here

I am contentedly become the crazy horse lady….and feel unable to write about anything else… this obsession has been going for a long time.  And the future looks the same from the back of a horse.

Much love, Amy


3 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. Dearest Amy, Serendipity sounds a perfect place for you. The sunsets look amazing, Paddy is back with you and now you have a horse, Spirit, with whom you have a special bond. How happy I feel for you. I reflect now how both you and your mum are travelling along a similar route, each with your passion for a horse being fulfilled. Such a short time ago, Kay was seriously considering selling up and moving close to you and Tim. Now she seems certain that her place is to stay put. Perhaps this maybe for the best with just a short plane trip to bridge the distance. Que sera sera. Last week I went down to Canberra for grandparent’s day for Edie and Mimi, who is writing great stories. Had lunch with Babs, my cousin, and went to a basketball game with Sophie who is really into the sport. It was a good few days. Today I went for an interview and orientation with the Sydney Story Factory, so will see where that leads. Off to Avoca this weekend with Django. Stephen is racing the Riley down Goulburn way. I hope to have lunch with Kay. Stephen is still working on plans for Avoca but on the home run he says. I wonder how it will be to live there? Quite an exciting prospect to live in a house designed by my husband. The client probably will not be able to afford the hours put into it! Enjoying book club and quilting but struggling with botanical drawing class. Trying to keep fit and connected at this time in life with all its choices and challenges. So, sweet niece, my love to you and the 3 boys for now. Keep writing as you do so well. ❤️Fg

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