The Crows Nest

Crows surround us in the valley. These distinct caw is heard upon waking and thorough out the day. A murder moves from the top hill to the larger Bunyas in the lower plateaus from morning to night.

They are here, watching and supporting.

Sometimes my awareness of them drops away and I don’t notice them for weeks. Much like a yoga practice slips off the agenda. But instinctively, it returns as I sit here tapping, I can hear their call.

Midnight blue-black feathers, the colour of the Void, the beginning of creation, the space of no-time, they simultaneously see past, present and futures fates. If we can learn to walk our truth, our personal integrity, keep our word, honour ourselves, respect all beings, we can balance the three fates, and move towards eradicating karma. Crow has the potential to guide us in our lives towards a clean death, which means remembering our past life as we enter the next. This was written in an animal communication book I own and often reference upon noticing new life on the land.

Maybe we can actually shape shift our lives into a new reality. Our actions and thoughts make up the minutiae and simply put, it pays to be aware of what we say and do. We all know this on some deeper level, the energetic nightmare that can be created from living unconsciously.

The magpie larks are back in the garden as well. We’ve had the male stay on all winter as he flies on to the bike rack and has conversations with himself. It’s gorgeous to see his girlie is back and they’re busy nesting. Nature at its rawness, last season the crows ate their eggs. Then the Currawongs came in and built two nests in the towering Fig, and shooed the crows away temporarily.

I’m not sure of anything these days but being in Nature helps to calm the nervous system long enough to realise that it goes on like it always has, regardless of human’s need to control and debate.

I hope we can all find some Nature space nearby to rest in.

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