Finding Pl-space

Welcome to Maleny- video by Beau…

We’ve arrived in paradise. The house is cradled by a massive native fig and when seeds fall on the roof they sound like a shot gun. Quinn’s in heaven dashing around on an acre of rainforest and who lives right next door but a retired…weapons expert.


view from our deck

We’ve got a daily ritual so far out at Gardener’s Falls. Quinn  jumps off 10 m drop, and I’ve managed to work on my fear of deep water by jumping off the baby 3 m one with Beau. Quinn is training on smaller rope swings (there’s 3 in total)  Beau tried but couldn’t reach the handle yet. Quinn’s desperate to try this big one…maybe next year.


Gardener’s Falls, local waterhole


looking yes/no

First day of school went ok. We had a morning circle of singing and meditation, parents invited. Lots of songs about love and compassion. Then Tim saw a picture of what looked like a swastika encompassed inside the Star of David. We giggled and thought they have all bases covered. The River School is on 100 acres of land along a creek just outside the town. It has been going for 23 years set up by the Ananda Marga community. Below is a view of the garden from the original farmhouse that’s attached to one of the classrooms.



The River School garden


Poly pipe instrument outside Quinn’s classroom

The local IGA has musicians playing right outside every time I’ve been there- from jazz piano to acoustic guitar. We even saw a teenage girl playing the harp in honour of Leonard Cohen when we came up on our reccie in November.

banjotim2016 So needlessly to say, we are feeling quite at home. Early days but bright futures. Here’s to slowing down and opening up to place and space.

Hope this finds you feeling your space too. xx



6 thoughts on “Finding Pl-space

  1. Hi all my Babes, Good to see your faces even though it is only 2 days since I left!! Love the school photo – Quinn…”Awesome”! Beau…”Aw mum, not another photo.”
    I’m sure you know that the “swastika” was hijacked by Hitler from ancient Hindu culture – where it’s around the other way. Wish I was there to jump off the waterfall with you !
    GG MaX Narnie xxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. Wow, just wow Amy – this looks like it is going to be a very successful tree change! Don’t forget Jester is waiting for you when you get more land…..xxxxxNick


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