Grief and Love

A longtime fan of Liz Gilbert and how she speaks about grief:

‘Rip your heart out and eat it lovingly for dinner

Caress it and dance a waltz…slow.

Savour the flavour of ‘willing’  and

Drop to your knees as a humble servant when it comes’

This got me inspired about love……life partnerships….marriage.

As we are all in this together, this iso thing, holed up together on this super pink moon. That in relationships you will have your heart humbled many times…that grief like falling in love… is a full body experience.

The times when you look at your lover and see rubbing points and irritations. My partner has supersonic hearing, I’m oblivious to anything but bird calls and the nattering in my head. His direct, get with the program approach whilst I have this roundabout magic with no apparent method…as we both jumble towards the same goal.

Each day brings new opportunities to drop deeper, past the inane, superfluous crap and niggles. To swing bravely into territory of joy seekers. Of loving ourselves and our created reality wholly.

His rogue grey ear hairs, my flappy neck, both of us with extra eyebrow furrows. Reminders that we still have this view, even if it’s not as shiny. This quest is not about cosmetics…. it is about time passing with your beloved. That the time is f%^kin precious, a one way street towards death.

That we don’t get out of grief, to love is to grieve. Liz after a hallowing time losing her true love to big C, sees how beautifully exquisite life is. Fark, to be half as gracious when death grief claims me…may it be possible.

As we sit with this unknown pandemic, family time stretching out in front may we embrace the moments, as anyone who has felt deep loss would give anything to experience the mundane bits once more.

afterglow art backlit birds

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My full moon prayer in ‘self-other-community’ layout is:

May I be well. May I feel held.
May you be well. May you feel held.
May we be well. May we feel held.

Big love to all people especially those experiencing deep hardship and grief.


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