The Thing Is – a poem

The thing is

To decide

Where you begin

And I subside


The thing is

To help or stand beside

Refrain from advice

Simply hold my space


The Thing Is

To stay or to go

My liquid feet

They give no answers


The Thing Is

I feel the vice

Upon your crown

Heavy sharp


I want to reach over

And unbuckle it

But the reality is,

it’s not my own


The Thing Is

To stop the fuss

Over whose cargo to carry

Our own


The Thing Is

In the garden

You’ll find me

Dirty fingernails

Rooting in the leaves









2 thoughts on “The Thing Is – a poem

  1. Yes, the big thing in life is all those you mention. Knowing how and when to act, or even to do or say anything at all. We make mistakes, always learning and hopefully get wiser along the way. Today is 47 years married for Stephen and me, so we must be doing something right. Not always though as we still have our moments but the big picture is healthy. To be open minded, ready to see the other side, caring and communicative are such important qualities. So, out to dinner now we go to celebrate our good fortune! Nature is such a wonderful release for me too. So, dirty fingernails, my fondest love to you, Helen

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