Ode To A Soft Man

Inspired by a podcast this morning where Missy Higgins spoke about being a strong woman and being a soft man is a hope she holds for her young son.

And my thoughts rest on my own soft man.

A man who shows to be soft is to be strong

A man unafraid to feel emotional rainbows, their full range of colours

Some times the dark comes but with patience we can find our way back to the light

A man who holds the hands of elders in his work

A man who feels others pain

Some times we bark and snap but can apologise

A man who rubs his kids’ backs when they cry

A man who says it’s ok to cry

A man who can be firm and clear, and hold the world up for his kids to see

A man who changes wet beds and treats his kids’ knits

A man who isn’t in to makeup sex

A man who can bake sourdough and fix a fence

A man who can build a castle and create a home

Here is an ode to all the soft men out there. Thankful that we live in a time where beautifully supple men are hands on raising soft bamboo children.

Modern masculinity has evolved into a bridge between the masculine and the feminine. To be articulate emotionally and nurturing are not sissy traits but right up there on women’s detective lists when looking for a partner. To be a slob or refuse to engage in child rearing is not acceptable. As women work outside the home and garner new skills, menfolk evolve within it.  We are bombing away at the foundations of past gender roles.

This is the ultimate partnership, not his or her, but our and us. That in the end we are all human, both the yin and the yang.


5 thoughts on “Ode To A Soft Man

  1. Beautiful Amy and I am so in awe of your amazing journey both inside and of a practical nature, to witness the growth in your relationship and all you achieve for those amazing boys. Love the pic of Battambang. Sending out love xxx

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