The School in the Cloud

This is the project I’ve been working on for the past few years- both in Cambodia at  Cambodian Children’s Trust, an NGO we volunteered with in 2014-2015. I’ve been helping set up the Granny Cloud through The School in the Cloud whereby generous souls donate some time to chat (and practise ESL) with Khmer kids via Skype. It is a total hoot with laughs and hand gestures of a Bollywood movie, but beware these kids learn fast, every week they grasp more understanding of English. If this sounds like a good fit, click here to get involved.

We’ve been inspired by Sir Ken Robinson’s attitude to education. He is quite a voice for change. This video lit the flame for our journey to Cambodia and new ways of educating, being and thinking about life and learning.

As a drama/theatre tutor, Sir Ken’s CV (PhD in drama and theatre focused on how these skills can be used in mainstream subjects) obviously resonates, but also being a parent of younguns, it doesn’t take long to see how play and fun can be the honey that actually gets their interest. To find out more about his work, go to his website.



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